images (3)     Inner cities across the country have been under attack and young people have been the victims for far too long.  This teenage Newark native, Ahsan Watts has created somewhat of an anthem pleading for it all to come to an end.  Some of the roughest neighborhoods in the U.S have produced some of hip hop’s great entertainers who speak  about the struggles and difficulties that come with living in “THE HOOD”, sometimes glorifying  the negativity that plagues the community. Ahsan is here to show the world that these communities have more to offer to the music/entertainment world than “gangsta rap” and senseless misogynistic music which we often times mistakenly call music.  With his hit song titled UNDER, this extremely talented singer expresses himself in a manner which is reminiscent of a style where old school meets new school with such raw emotion that you can’t help but to pay attention to the message at hand.  His sound is not that of a teenager but of a seasoned veteran with something to say.  This young mans future in this industry is as bright as he wants it to be simply because his talent is as organic as it comes.  It is gratifying to see that there are young artist out there creating real music that resonates within and this song definitely does that.  Let us all get behind this young superstar on the rise and send the message that we support his efforts to do his part using the GOD given gift of song.  He is an example of the resilience of young people who refuse to let their cities keep them UNDER.




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